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In December of 2020 I put my experience to the test and crossed a vast tract wetland in the Everglades via canoe. This is Marjory Stoneman Douglas' famed "River of Grass". Best in HD

The Mangrove Portage

In January of 2018 I finally reached the shores of a small lake hidden deep in the mangrove estuary of SW Florida. It was my third attempt over an eight year period and it took a bit of effort on my part. I am proud of my accomplishment. It's not a place many people go.

The entire trip took seven days. For four of those days I was immersed in the mangrove forest portaging my canoe and gear from one pond to another until finally reaching (on foot) the shores of the unnamed lake.

This coastal mangrove estuary is a crazy, chaotic and wonderful place. It can be harsh and unforgiving at times; but it is also a quiet and peaceful place and home to an abundance of wildlife. It is dramatically different from the not too distant metropolis. I'm very grateful to have such a fantastic place to explore so close to home.