It had been a year or so since I'd been out in the wilderness. It was long over due. A new job,  a year of living with the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, a year of renewed commitment to my children and my home. I took a lot of positive steps in that year. i kept my nose to the grind stone, so to speak, ...but man it was good to be back.

I pulled into Flamingo around mid morning and headed to the ranger station. I needed to get my back country pass.

                                                                     To the Shores of the Inaccessible Lake

Mr. Adams was a poor man. He'd spent his life hovering on the second rung of the American prosperity ladder. He was intelligent, and well read but lacked the drive, the focus and perhaps the confidence to excel in any given business venture or corporate environment. He was a bit of a romantic day dreamer. He had at once both a high opinion of himself and yet was riddled with self doubt.

What had got him through was his ability to work. Physically work. Hard manual labor.  A bit high strung., Mr. Adam's had an abundance of energy and a disregard for being lazy  when it came to any physical task. the skills he'd honed and lessons he learned as a small boy shoveling snow and mowing grass served him well. As a young man he's bounced around from job to job eventually gravitating to construction, carpentry. He learned the hard way many practical skills. 

Still, it wasn't in keeping with his true self, Mr. Adams loved history, loved adventure, the wilderness, wildlife, sunshine and rain storms, the wind in his face.He loved tales of adventure.  He would often peruse maps .